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About Serres Bay

Serres Bay is a country existing in three separate dimensions, namely the Internet, in software games such as SimCity 4 and Sid Meier’s Civilization and in the physical world in the form of HO Scale dioramas and LEGO Brick creations. The concept evolved out of a desire to combine somewhat disparate hobbies and interests and to create a common storyline, a distinct evolving culture and consistent names and biographies for all cities, businesses and characters residing in the fictional nation.

Serrian Sun News

Serrian Sun News

Serrian Sun is the main media outlet of Serres Bay and a quasi government-owned news agency. The reporting of Serrian Sun is generally independent with little censorship, although most content is reviewed by the Internal Security Service (ISS), Serres Bay’s Intelligence and Security Apparatus. There is no record to date of the ISS censoring or blocking dissemination of a news story.

The offices of the Serrian Sun are centrally located in downtown Serres Bay. The agency has a small full-time staff of writers and reporters and frequently hires independent journalists for temporary assignments. The broadcast station for Serrian Sun Channel 7 News is located in the coastal hills of Cap Calamari. The Serrian Sun also operates an overseas News Desk in the United States, based in Arlington, Virginia.

Meer Savullo is the Senior Editor of the Serrian Sun.

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